“I have not dated anyone in 10 years”- Mr Macaroni Opens Up


Popular skit maker and content creator, Debo Adedayo, better known as Mr. Macaroni, has left many bewildered with his shocking revelations about his personal life.

The 29-year-old content producer who made this disclosure on a podcast with media personality, Ade herself, where they spoke about Nigerian men’s possessiveness, among other things, acknowledged that he has been having intercourse despite not being in a relationship.

Mr Macaroni further revealed that he has been single for over 10 years, but still involves in sexual intercourse. He also noted how people would not believe him because of society’s perception, but that is his truth.

He mentioned, “I have been single for over 10 years. You see, this is the culture I’m talking about. When I say it, you people do not want to believe me. But it’s the truth. How can I be flirting if I am not in a relationship?

“If you want to ask me a question, ask directly. If you want to ask me if I have been having s3x, absolutely yes. I am an adult. I already said it now. I have been having s3x,” he added.

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